Neymar watched by PSG in Brazil, it works!

Returned to Paris several days after everyone else, Neymar is working indoors to return in time to help PSG. The club had sent two members to “watch” him in Brazil.

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In recent days, Lionel Messi and Neymar have been training together… indoors. Victim of Covid-19 after Christmas, the Argentinian could not follow his planned program, and makes up for it by staying warm and working inside the facilities of Camp des Loges. He therefore meets Neymar, left to work for 15 days indoors in order to complete his rehabilitation and re-athleticization after his left ankle injury, affected in November in Saint-Etienne. His late return, a week after the others, had caused heated controversy in France, the PSG following consultants deploring that the Brazilian was doing absolutely what he wanted with his club, and allowed himself to come back after the others while a capital deadline against Real Madrid arrived in February. But according to Le Parisien, the “Ney” was much wiser than expected in his sumptuous residence on the coast around Rio de Janeiro. Indeed, Neymar had embarked one of the physio and a physical trainer of PSG, and followed the rehabilitation program to the letter.

PSG convinced by the seriousness of Neymar

His very positive state of mind was underlined by the two members of PSG who left with him, and who ensured that the days were not spent partying and playing poker. A reassuring attitude in the eyes of the Parisian leaders, who do not want to deprive themselves of Neymar for the poster against Real Madrid. The hope of seeing him available for this meeting is in any case real now, since the number 10 of Paris SG has already been seen doing some juggling to feel the ball, and without the slightest problem. In addition, the recent cancellation of the internship in Qatar will save him time, avoiding long-distance travel and solicitations from the media and sponsors which would not have helped to focus on his return to the pitch as quickly as possible. PSG is in any case confident in his presence against Real, even if it will inevitably be a question of what state of form he can be, after another long break in his season.

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