Neymar regrets the departure of Camila Queiroz from Verdades Secretas 2: "Not funny"

Neymar regretted the departure of Camila Queiroz from Secret Truths 2 on social networks, this Thursday (11/18), and commented on the matter, comparing the absence of the actress in the plot to “rice without beans”.

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On his Twitter, the football player wrote: “Secret Truths without Angel is the same thing as rice without beans, no fun.” Some followers dared in the ace’s comments: “Same thing as my bed without you,” said one. “Same thing as me without you,” wrote another.

Some even remembered the relationship between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine: “It’s like life without Brumar (ex-couple’s name), boring,” he commented. “Like Brazil without Brumar”, answered another one.

A Globe surprised the public this Wednesday (11/17) by announcing that Camila, protagonist of the plot (currently shown in the Globoplay), is no longer part of the cast. In a statement sent to the press, the station explained the reasons for the actress’ departure.

“Impacted by the strict protocols adopted during the pandemic, the period for recording the work, scheduled to end on the 10th, had to be extended by seven days”, the text began.

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