Neymar offered to Brazil, PSG is exhausted

Neymar pushed towards the exit at Paris Saint-Germain, doubt is no longer allowed. But who can really get him signed?

First there was the reported annoyance of the Emir of Qatar about his number 10, who in 5 years has never managed to reach the expected level or show behavior worthy of a Paris superstar SG. There is now the speech of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, much more concrete, and who clearly hinted that the Brazilian would not be retained in the event of an interesting offer. Spain immediately rushed into the breach, announcing that PSG had offered Neymar to FC Barcelona for 50 million euros, which obviously remains to be proven. However, the trend is reversed for those who still have a very long contract with Paris.

Newcastle and MU leave Neymar aside

Now 30 years old, when he was worth more than 200 million euros in 2017, Neymar is no longer a dream. The financial aspect is impossible to hide, and the clubs that can afford the former Barcelona player are very rare. Newcastle have several assets suggesting that such a bet is possible, but the Magpies, since they were bought by the Saudis, do not want to show the image of a club of stars coming to seek big salaries. Manchester United could have tried such a bet but it seems impossible with the change of management recently taken, and the maintenance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the workforce. The game advocated by Erik Ten Hag indeed needs movement, mobility and effort, and seeing the Portuguese and the Brazilian save themselves is not part of the MU project.

Neymar sent back to Brazil?

As a result, PSG is looking to get rid of Neymar, but finds no solution. Eurosport even affirms that the idea of ​​sending him back to Brazil was studied by the Parisian leaders, who remember that players like Ronaldinho, Robinho, Ronaldo, Juninho or Daniel Alves had very good times when they returned to the country. end their career. Offering it, even on a paid loan, to a Brazilian formation, however, seems financially impossible. Especially since the Parisian number 10 is not in this state of mind, he who believes that his encouraging end to his season with Paris SG will allow him to approach 2022-2023 in the best possible conditions. His agent has just spoken to make it clear that Neymar had no intention of leaving. “ Neymar has a dream: to win the Champions League with PSG. Despite all the rumours, he is highly motivated and won’t stop until he achieves his goal “, assured Goal Wagner Ribeiro story to bounce on the noises of recent weeks.

Neymar at PSG next season, so it will most certainly be the case, with the World Cup in Qatar in sight in November. But in Paris, we do not hide it, the fear of then completely losing Neymar, whatever the result of Brazil in Qatar, is real. The risk is therefore enormous for Paris SG, and Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is well aware of it. But this is also the case for the few other European clubs who are thinking of recruiting Neymar, since now the marketing and commercial bet is largely called into question by the sporting risk and the financial cost of such an operation.

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