Neymar mercilessly with a nugget from PSG, it makes him laugh

The group lives well at PSG, and Neymar has paid the head of a totally lost Arnaud Kalimuendo.

Currently in Japan, Paris SG is primarily present to prepare for the coming season. The pre-season courses are now classic appointments to weld the workforce. But in a club as important as PSG, this also means meeting contractual obligations, accepting requests from the media or the public, and training in front of 15,000 people, which are more shows than real game system implementations. This does not prevent the Parisians and their trainer Christophe Galtier from working, especially since three fairly grouped friendly matches are planned on Japanese soil.

Japan, a place that European footballers do not necessarily frequent. For the holidays, Ibiza, the United States or the Gulf States are popular, while for the end or post-career, these are also championships or more profitable clubs that are targeted. As a result, Japanese culture was a real discovery for the young Parisian striker Arnaud Kalimuendo, who may remember his visit to a Japanese chef to taste the famous sushi or other local specialties. Seeing his teammate in great difficulty with the use of chopsticks, Neymar drew his smartphone and filmed the scene.

Sushi with your hands!

The result calls out since the Brazilian is absolutely not recovering from the difficulties of Kalimuendo. The Paris striker’s grip is very unstable, and teammate Danilo Pereira has fun, challenging the former RC Lens player to successfully grab a towel with his chopsticks. Under the ecstatic laughter of Neymar, the attempt is a failure, just like that of going to get a sushi properly. A small problem of adaptation to the Japanese culture which had the gift of making smile within the PSG, and shows that the atmosphere remains very relaxed between the Parisian players.

Kalimunedo and Neymar, are they leaving or staying?

It remains to be seen whether this will continue between the two men. Because if Neymar is rather pushed towards the exit by his leaders, it will be difficult to make him leave PSG in the coming weeks. On the other hand, in Paris, we do not seem to be betting on Arnaud Kalimuendo for this season, and his name is announced with insistence on the side of Leeds. Unless this pre-season allows the attacker to score points. Not by his use of chopsticks but by his ability to be an offensive joker in the mind of Christophe Galtier, which is not completely excluded.

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