Neymar gets a big push from a legend

If Neymar is so sharp, efficient and concentrated at the start of the season with PSG, it is also because there is the World Cup in sight at the end of 2022. The Brazilian is expected at the turn.

Double winner of the World Cup, including a competition in 2002 that he completely flew over, Ronaldo is a legend of Brazilian football. Capable of sublimating himself in major events, since he had won the event in 1994 and was a finalist in 1998, the Fenomeno has always supported Neymar despite the enormous pressure weighing on the PSG player. And for the moment, Neymar and Brazil in the World Cup, that’s not it. There was the failure of 2014 with the World Cup in the country he left with a back injury and then a huge fiasco in the semi-finals. In 2018, his return from injury prevented him from weighing on the course of his team. In 2022, Neymar has already made it known that this will probably be his last appearance in this event. Suffice to say that a whole country is waiting for a victory, 20 years after the Seleçao of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Full focus on football for Neymar

Asked by the South American newspaper Olé, Ronaldo said he had confidence in Neymar to give him the keys to the selection. But he also put pressure on number 10 of PSG by asking him to assume his role and put aside personal problems or his sometimes dissolute life for a few months at least. “ The Brazilian team is going to be the favorite in any competition because of the talent we have. I think if Neymar is 100% physically and focused on the World Cup, we have a good chance of winning the title. He is technically and physically different. If he arrives well, he will make the difference and our chances will increase a lot. All the Brazilian people have the same impression and desire for him to be decisive. He has a lot of talent. Now he has to take on this role on the pitch and leave the non-sporting side completely aside. May he be calm to play beautiful football “Explained the former center-forward to the Argentine newspaper. Neymar therefore knows what awaits him in Qatar this winter, great pressure, and legendary status if he manages to lift the World Cup in the end.

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