Neymar extends away from PSG, he has carte blanche

In parallel with his life as a footballer, Neymar has another activity that takes up more and more of his time and energy: poker.

Neymar has often been criticized for focusing more on poker than football in recent years. And for good reason, the Brazilian international’s lifestyle is often criticized and poker, which he sometimes practices at night, is included in what Neymar must proscribe in order to once again become the exceptional player he was at the time. FC Barcelona. A pious wish for the leaders of PSG, as Neymar seems addicted to this game. In an interview with Poker Stars, the Paris Saint-Germain number 10 expressed his love of poker and revealed that his become a professional player after his football career. At least Neymar already has an idea in mind for his post-career. Which is not the case for all 30-year-old footballers…

Neymar extends his partnership

It is true that I intend to turn professional. I feel very comfortable playing poker and I think I can play in major tournaments after the end of my football career. I started playing during the 2014 World Cup and fell in love with the game. I play poker aggressively. My favorite hands are a pair of 10s – my jersey number – and Jack-Five. There are similarities between football and poker, in the way you read your game and your opponent, and choose when to attack. I played there a lot in Barcelona, ​​and we often play at PSG. I am difficult to read for my opponents. The first time I had a dog I called him “Poker” because I love this game so much. Every time I sit down to play my goal is to win, whether it’s with friends, online or in a tournament » launched Neymar, who extended his partnership with the PokerStars brand, and is now more than its ambassador. The PSG player has joined forces with society and the community to develop numerous projects on tournaments, tokens or even links between the world of poker and those of art and culture. His creativity fascinates, and not just on the pitch. The collaboration began and Neymar worked on a musical playlist of his choice dedicated to the different types of poker. Many projects that do not currently prevent Neymar from focusing on his season at PSG in July.

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