Neymar extended to PSG, Al-Khelaïfi is still crying

Did PSG do well to extend Neymar last spring? Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is saying no.

Both recruited by Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017, Neymar and Mbappé were coming to the end of their contract this summer. If the Frenchman is still in discussion to extend or join Real Madrid, the Brazilian doesn’t have this problem. Last spring, he extended his contract until June 2026. An event that was seen as a great victory for the French club, especially in relation to the Brazilian’s desire to return to Barcelona in 2019, and the fact that he was until recently considered one of the best players on the planet. But since then, things have not worked out for number 10 of PSG, who has again experienced serious injuries, controversy, and insufficient performance, especially in big games. Result, for the first time since he signed, Neymar will no longer be retained at all costs by PSG.

Neymar obstructs PSG attack

The Emir of Qatar has decided, and if a good offer comes for the prodigy of Santos, it will be seriously considered. Admittedly, Neymar is still capable of doing great things, but compared to his huge salary for another four years, and the contribution he has on the pitch, it is no longer really worth it in the eyes of PSG. In addition, his presence can also hinder the recruitment of important elements in attack, such as Mohamed Salah, Erling Haaland or Robert Lewandowski, well aware that the traffic jam will do damage if they ever sign at Paris SG. Can Neymar really leave PSG? The answer is rather no says Don Balon, for whom only Newcastle could really have the means and the opportunity to sign him. But the English club cannot offer him a Champions League, or even a workforce capable of fighting for the Premier League podium at first.

Al-Khelaïfi regrets the extension

In addition to that, the Brazilian does not particularly want to leave. He greatly appreciated the arrival of Lionel Messi, his former friend from FC Barcelona, ​​​​and likes the very South American locker room of PSG. He earns a salary there that he will not be able to touch elsewhere, and sees himself continuing for a few more seasons at PSG before putting on the flashing light. Above all, he believes that the Parisian club offers him a perfect environment to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. Neymar therefore likes PSG, and there is no question in his eyes of leaving. What give big regrets to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, who according to Don Balon regrets having been fooled by extending Neymar’s contract on such advantageous conditions for the Brazilian. But it’s always easy to talk afterwards. Especially since this extension had been positively received at the time, with the objective of finding a great Neymar to bring PSG to the Champions League.

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