Neymar broke the pact, Brazil is torn apart

Among bookmakers and football observers, Brazil is most regularly cited as the big favorite for the upcoming World Cup. However, beware of internal disagreements.

20 years after Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo, the Seleçao armada impresses, and not only in attack. The lights are green in the most successful country in history, the only one to have five stars of world champions. However, everything could not be perfect either, and according to the Spanish newspaper Sport, the last presidential elections left their mark. Each has his supporters, and in the selection, each knows the inclinations of the other. Nevertheless, there had been a pact agreed, with the federation as well, that no one would speak publicly to interfere in these elections a few weeks before the World Cup.

Neymar did not hold it, and made clips of support for Jair Bolsonaro, finally beaten. This while other players, fervent supporters of Lula like his friend Richarlison, refrained from making the slightest political comment. Result, the subject is a little taboo but it is necessarily very present since Raphinha mentioned it openly in a press conference. Indeed, the FC Barcelona winger admitted that the elections had left their mark, and in particular within the Brazilian people who are not really united and rather seek to settle accounts with the support of each other.

Brazil hope for a united country behind their team

A situation that the former Stade Rennais regrets. “ I see a country divided after the elections. I ask people to come together again, for a united country, and send us positive signals during the World Cup. We are counting on your support, with you, together, we can go far in Qatar. In the group, we all get along very well. The group is incredible and we work seriously, that’s what counts to go far “Warned Raphinha, for whom there is no question of breaking the collective Brazilian momentum as the highly anticipated World Cup approaches.

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