Neymar attacks Globo after accusation of ‘phantom penalty’. Understand!

Neymar appeared enraged on Twitter this Monday morning (25). The player, who will remain at Paris Saint-Germain after rumors of leaving due to indiscipline, did not like the content of a report published by the Globo Esporte websitewhich brought the highlights of the friendly match between the French team and Gamba Osaka.

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Globo Esporte classified an action suffered by Neymar during the match as a “phantom penalty”. “Neymar lands in the area incisively – and the referee calls the penalty right away. However, a rear angle shows that there was not such a direct collision, practically a ‘ghost’ penalty.“, said the website.

On Twitter, Neymar, who surprised with attitudes in PSG training, countered the site and did not spare the report of criticism. “Ghost? (laughs). Globo Esporte being Globo Esporte… It’s a penalty! Bunch of people who never even kicked a ball and are doing shit“, shot.

Minutes later, Neymar published a photo in which he “speaks out” in the middle of a match. “Careta pros hate (sic)”, he wrote. Finally, the athlete even chorused a follower who called him mocking: “My last name (laughs). Put up with it or freak out”.



After responding to the report published by Globo Esporte, Neymar shared opinions on Twitter. There were those who agreed that the player is the victim of persecution by the press. “Bullshit matter to win a click, of course it was a penalty”, defended a fan. “Speak up, this stupid chase is bizarre“, added another fan.

However, many netizens also criticized the bid and agreed that the penalty was, yes, “ghost”. “Blow that it’s a penalty. How are we going to win the Cup with this ‘player’?”, pinned a fan. “Everyone thinks it wasn’t a penalty, except, amazingly, Neymar“said another follower.

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