Neymar appears in unpublished photos next to Bruna Biancardi on the couple’s 1st Valentine’s Day

Neymar is enjoying his first June 12 with Bruna Biancardi and used social media to congratulate his girlfriend on the date. “Happy Valentine’s Day”, wrote the player when posting a record next to the influencer. Already the girl emphasized the couple’s debut at the celebration and shared several unpublished photos next to the ace – with whom she appeared in a moment of intimacy on a beach in Miami this week.

In the comments of Neymar’s publication, Bruna melted: “Love you”. Gabriel Medina was one of the celebrities who praised the two in the post. “Damn… Casalzão da *rra”, wrote the surfer. During Carnival, he had already talked about his friend’s relationship: “I met her, not like spending a day, but she seems to be very nice. Ney and the girls all praise her, so we’ll spend a day and laugh a lot. You have my blessing”.

After many months of rumors about the relationship, Neymar took up the relationship with Bruna Biancardi. Recently, sources from the magazine “IstoÉ Gente” gave one of the reasons why the attacker decided to publicly assume his relationship with the young woman. Very attached to his friends, the player took into account the fact that the influencer got along well with his “fellows” and family members. This, by the way, was an important point in Neymar’s decision to end his back-and-forth relationship with Bruna Marquezine.

Remember the story of Neymar and Bruna Biancardi

Bruna and Neymar were first spotted in August of last year, when the player went on a yacht tour with some friends, including the young woman. At the time, she was confused and compared with Bruna Marquezine, the athlete’s ex-girlfriend.

Afterwards, the influencer began to appear in photos with the athlete’s friends and family, including walks with Davi Lucca, the player’s son with Carol Dantas. In February, Bruna traveled to France to spend Neymar’s birthday with the player. At the time, it was the first time that the influencer published photos with the player.

In March, when Biancardi returned to Brazil, rumors were that the relationship would be shaken. This is because Neymar invited some models to watch the PSG game from his box at the stadium, which was not well accepted by the girl. But in April, during Bruna Biancardi’s birthday, the model traveled to Paris and received several surprises from the player, which led the ace to assume the relationship, the first since the end of the relationship with Marquezine.

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