Neymar and Bruna Biancardi: player reacts to accusation of betrayal with several women and divides opinions

Neymar involved in yet another alleged betrayal. After the rumors that the player would have betrayed Bruna Marquezine at the time he was dating the actress, it was Biancardi’s turn to be the alleged victim. That’s because the player was accused of cheating on his new girlfriend with several women during Vinicius Jr’s party.

“Carna Vini” is a party lasting three days being held by Vinícius Jr. in Cachoeira de Macacu, in Rio de Janeiro. There, in addition to concerts by various artists, there is also a lot of cruising going on (like, for example, Jade Picon with André Lamoglia).

+ Neymar mocks player punishment for having a party.

Another name involved in controversy was Neymar. According to the profile on Instagram “Segue a Cami”, the athlete would have kissed several women during the party. One of them would be influencer Nathalia Castro. Also according to the profile, the “bid” between Nathalia and Neymar is old, well before dating Bruna Biancardi, assumed two months ago.

+ Bruna Biancardi speaks about being played by Neymar.

Neymar speaks out on rumors of betrayal

As soon as he saw the news, Neymar made a point of commenting that it was fake news. In addition, the player appeared in the stories at his mansion in Mangaratiba, also in RJ, talking about it.

“Hello, fake news! Here for you, look: lots of sun, lots of peace, lots of love. Thanks”, said the player.

Neymar’s message divides opinions on the web

On social media, people shared opinions about the message that Neymar sent to the portals that were spreading the news. Some believed the player was telling the truth. Others even suspected that Neymar was drunk when he recorded the video.

“Neymar at home, with his family, friends and girlfriend, enjoying his vacation in RJ. He arrived from a trip not even two days ago, and a gossip page comes to post a fake that he attended the VINIJR party and caught several women. It’s unbelievable” , revolted one.

“Coming from Neymar, do you still think it wasn’t cheating? It never changes. Incredible”, commented another.

“Assuming the betrayal, Neymar wouldn’t assume, right?”, observed a third.

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