Neymar and Bruna Biancardi got help to resume dating after 6 months apart. Find out who it was!

Neymar and Bruna Biancardi resumed dating six months after the breakup. THE reconciliation of the PSG striker with the 28-year-old model took place at the beginning of the year and the two got a “help” special to resume the relationship: by Carol Dantas. Mother of Davi Lucca, 11 years old, Neymar’s son, the model encouraged her ex to get back together with Bruna, a young woman accused of taking advantage of the star’s image.

It is worth remembering that the player and the influencer enjoyed New Year’s Eve together in Paris, France. According to the newspaper “Extra”, this Tuesday (24), Neymar and Bruna have always remained close during these six months, a period in which the athlete lived a quick affair with model Jéssica Turini during the World Cup in Qatar.

Neymar gave his girlfriend’s nickname, Bruna

In addition to Carol, Neymar and Bruna gained support from someone else: Bianca Coimbra, married to Cris Guedes, another close friend of Neymar’s. The Brazilian striker’s girlfriend returned to São Paulo a week ago and received a message from the number 10 during a live.

“I was answering my bonbon”, said Neymar, who did not like to see an internet user criticize Bruna, claiming that she would be doing everything to get back together with him. “Don’t say what you don’t know. There must be someone unhappy behind that Instagram”, the French team player, criticized for not attending Pelé’s wake in the first week of 2023, was irritated.

Gabigol leaves Neymar’s sister behind and starts a new relationship

If, on the one hand, Neymar and Bruna are back together, on the other hand, the striker’s sister seems to be a turning point in the history of Gabigol, Flamengo’s number 10. With the help of his sister, Dhiovanna Barbosa, the Mais Querido striker engaged with influencer Ingrid Ohara, who participated in “A Fazenda 2022”.

They engaged the relationship when they approached during a party after the show “Ensaios da Anitta”.

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