Next Avengers opponent? MCU writer announces one of the most powerful Marvel villains ever

“Eternals” threw us deeper than before into the galactic side of the Marvel Universe. But that might just be the beginning, as a formidable villain could make his debut soon.

– Warning: spoilers for “Eternals” will follow! –

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) appears to be dancing at three weddings right now. On the one hand, there are the stories that are literally grounded, such as the “Hawkeye” series recently launched at Disney +, which tells a down-to-earth Christmas adventure. With “Spider-Man: No Way Home” the door to the multiverse is once again finally pushed open. And then there are the galactic excursions, which include “Eternals”. Finally, the origin of almost all life in the universe was explained and we learned more about the planet-sized Celestials.

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Sooner or later, all these stories should be interwoven again, mostly villains fulfill this function, and with Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) “Ant-Man and the Wasp” could finally establish the next big MCU villain. Kang is closely interwoven with the multiverse, as “Loki” has already proven, but from the galactic side, the Marvel heroes could expect one of the greatest Marvel villains of all: Galactus.

That “Eternals” paved the way for its MCU debut, at least Kaz Firpo, one of the writers of the latest Marvel film, confirmed in an interview with The Direct:

“Galactus is a fantastic, fantastic character and villain. We are obviously in the process of preparing some intergalactic, cosmic, megalithic confrontations, especially when you kill a space god – and then the space god comes and takes you captive and plans to judge the earth, I think the way is definitely been prepared for world-eating villains. There’s talk, of course, about those post-credit scenes, about who we’re introducing, where we’re going … Galactus is one of those iconic characters from the Marvel Universe that we’re looking forward to. But sometimes I think you have to stay open and pave the way and who knows what will happen in the second part. Maybe they’re all too busy saving a Celeastial from Galactus for you to end up his [Zorn] suffer … everything is possible. You know, we still have no idea what we’re going to do in the second part, but if the audience wants to see that, we’d love to explore. “

“Eternals” has already confirmed the existence of Superman in the MCU. What the Marvel stars think of it, they told us in an interview:

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MCU fans are already looking forward to Galactus

An official confirmation that Galactus is really coming is not yet, but according to Marvel author Kaz Firpo there is a realistic chance that the villain could already play a role in “Eternals 2”. A sequel has not yet been announced either, but fans can expect to see more of the Eternals and Celestials.

It goes without saying that the fans would then also like to see Galactus. The gigantic villain is very popular with Marvel fans, as demonstrated by a question from Marvel Entertainment on Twitter. In it the fans were asked to name the best counterpart in their opinion for the Avengers, who they should fight after Thanos (Josh Brolin). Galactus ended up among the three most wanted antagonists.

That’s why Galactus is one of the most dangerous Marvel opponents

This is no coincidence, because Galactus is one of the most powerful characters in the comics. Actually, he was the discoverer Galan from the planet Taa, which, however, existed in the universe before the Big Bang. When the universe collapsed, however, Galan did not die, but rather merged with the consciousness of the universe over billions of years. After the Big Bang, he rose again as Galactus, a huge entity in the Marvel Universe.

So we know Galactus from several Marvel titles. © IMAGO / Everett Collection

Galactus’ true form cannot be perceived by most beings, mostly they see him in a form that they can grasp, so he mostly looks like their corresponding people or a deity of their religion. In the comics, Galactus is often portrayed as a huge man with a strange looking helmet. The villain draws his power from inhabited planets, from which he withdraws the energy and thus devours entire worlds and destroys their populations. Although the Avengers and Fantastic Four were already able to defeat him, this happened when Galactus had not devoured a planet for a long time and was accordingly weakened.

In order to search for suitable planets, the villain often appoints a herald, whom he also shares in his cosmic power. However, should the Herald stand up against Galactus or no longer meet his requirements, it will be easy for him to take back this power.

Galactus actually made its screen debut in 2007, but outside of the MCU, which didn’t even exist back then: In “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” he was the big opponent, while the Silver Surfer served as his herald. Galactus, depicted here as a personless, gray cloud, did not meet with much approval from Marvel fans. Accordingly, it would be time to finally do him justice in the MCU. Maybe already in “Eternals 2”, but sooner or later fans can definitely count on a performance by Galactus.

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