Newlyweds have controversial rules of coexistence that impact everyone on TikTok

Each family is different, that is a great truth, but sometimes the rules that govern a home can raise the tab for more than one, as happened with a newly married couple from the USAwhose rules of coexistence have caused a lot of controversy on social networks such as TikTok when the testimony of the spouses was made viral.

Controversial, but “functional” rules

Jaden McGrew and her husband Andy (that live in Dallas-Fortyh Worth) caused tremendous debate on the Chinese platform because their marital habits are not accepted by many in the community as they are considered exaggerated: “we received backlash on various videos we posted regarding some of the things we do”she said Fox News Digital.

But what are these rules of life that have bothered a lot? One of these is live location sharing 24 hours a daybut not only that, also have the passwords of both as part of the ritual “have no secrets”.

As if that were not enough, they are forbidden to hang out, whatever it was, with the “opposite sex”but as radical as this seems, the truth is that it works for them, at least for now.

Watch the viral video here

They are not religious rules

“These are things that we agreed to in our relationship over time and from experience. We never really sat down and came up with ‘rules’, but it seems that’s how people have interpreted it. These are things that work for us at our current stage. We were surprised to see how much fun they were.”he added.

Many criticized that said attitude is due to the fact that they are Christiansa fact that they confirmed, but insists that the religious issues did not influence anything to implement these rules: “While we believe that marriage is the greatest commitment one can make and we want to protect our marriage, none of the things mentioned in the video are based solely on our faith. For example, location sharing is just convenient and allows us to communicate with each other without having to wait for a response.”.

Criticism against Jaden and Andy

Some of the comments on TikTok (@jadenandandy) against this newlywed couple were: “How often do you check those things? Having it is one thing, checking yourself all the time sounds like a trust issue”, “tell me you don’t trust each other without telling me you don’t trust each other”, “you almost got me. It doesn’t matter who my husband hangs out with… because I trust him.”.

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