New York surrounded by sharks: Four attacks in two weeks!

One was caught on video, leaping into the air – more like a dolphin – just a few meters from shore and even closer to the surfers. “The surf lesson is being postponed,” noted the editorial staff of the local Rockaway Times, which published the video, laconically.

Three sharks swim through a school of fish off Bridgehampton.

And such lessons and swimming in general are postponed far more, as beaches are closed due to shark alarms. The visitor, 49, from Arizona, was only waist-deep in water, yet the shark approached and bit him on the wrist and buttock. On the same day, another man (41) was thrown from his paddleboard by a tiger shark about 120 centimeters long. He punched the predator away, but took away a 10 cm long scar on his leg. A more than two-meter shark then scared beachgoers in the posh Hamptons resort – but the waves carried it to the sand. “I think this is an indication of the new normal that these tiger sharks are getting too close to shore,” commented Steven Bellone, chairman of the Suffolk County Council.

“As New Yorkers and visitors head to our beautiful Long Island beaches to enjoy the summer, their safety is our top priority,” New York State Governor Kathy Hotchul said. “We are taking steps to increase shark patrols and protect beachgoers from potentially dangerous situations,” she assures, adding that she has called in reinforcements of guards and drones.

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