New Year’s violence, the circle tightens: 18 young people searched.

Frame of a video that portrays the violence taken on New Year’s Eve

The circle around young people tightens, and a lot suspected for the New Year’s violence in Milan on at least nine girls. In fact, at dawn this morning, the searches between Milan and Turin against eighteen young people, all between 15 and 21 years old, both foreigners and Italians of North African origin, suspected of having been involved in various capacities in the violence and harassment in sexual background of New Year’s Eve in piazza Duomo in Milan. The searches carried out by the state police, coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office as well as the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Milan Juvenile Court, also saw the participation of policemen from the Milanese Judicial Police Section, the Mobile Squad of the Turin Police Headquarters and of the Lombardy and Piedmont Crime Prevention Departments.

The police were sent to them by the identification of the boys in the group, which took place thanks to the video surveillance cameras and the videos shot during the New Year’s Eve in Piazza Duomo. But not only that: the investigation was also based on listening to various witnesses, the victims themselves and, finally, on the analysis of the various social networks. Now it will be necessary to understand if the culprits of those terrible attacks, evidently taken with a very specific plan, are really the young people identified.

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