New “The Batman” images reveal the greatest villain of the DC film – even without a mask

Various iconic bat villains await us in “The Batman”. Now Studio Warner Bros. has released new pictures that show us some adversaries.

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Possibly counts „The Batman“ the most promising cinema highlight this year. It will soon be seen whether the ambitious DC film can also inspire the cinema audience. From the March 3, 2022 the time has come, because then fans of the bat can look forward to the long-awaited film adaptation in which Robert Pattinson is on the road as the Dark Knight. Batman meets numerous iconic villains, such as the Riddler (Paul Dano), the penguin (Colin Farrell) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz).

Now Warner Bros. has released new pictures for the DC film, which show us the two male adversaries, among other things. In one picture we see the penguin, wearing a rather chic suit, sitting in a leather armchair. Another photo shows us the masked Riddler with his green jacket with the iconic question mark. Here the antagonist looks much more militant, but should be based on the Zodiac killer:

The pictures do not tell us much that is new, but there is another photo that probably shows us the Riddler completely unmasked. The crazy villain sits on an indefinable stone and holds his mask in his hand.

Check out the unmasked Riddler here on Twitter

“The Batman” could become the darkest DC movie

The new pictures as well as the previously released trailers clearly convey that “The Batman” is not going to be a fun superhero film, but is clearly darker. However, it seems as if the latest version of Bruce Wayne could be even more sinister and darker than Christoper Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy, which also looked quite threatening. In addition, the detective version of the Dark Knight awaits us this time, who investigates the cases in Gotham in a much more investigative manner, as was the case in various comics.

After “The Batman”, DC fans can look forward to numerous other highlights. You can find out which titles these are in our video.

DC films – so it goes on! Update

After the great success of “Joker”, DC seems to continue to focus on the dark style and thus also offers a varied alternative when it comes to comic book adaptations and superheroes. Whether or not director Matt Reeves will be able to convince the audience remains to be seen, but Warner Bros. is already planning further spin-off projects. In addition to a series about the work of the police in Gotham City, an offshoot of Colin Farrell’s penguin was announced.

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In addition, director Reeves is planning further Batman films, but first “The Batman” has to convince the fans first.

Batman is about to make his big big screen comeback. But how well do you know the Dark Knight? Check it out here:

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