New store in Copenhagen opens: Now you can get hold of the celebrities’ wardrobe

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If you want to look like the singing group Suspekt or the singers Aura and Szhirly, then the possibility has moved closer now.

For a number of Danish celebrities have donated clothes to the Danish Cancer Society’s new recycling pop-up store, which opens in Copenhagen.

This is stated by the Danish Cancer Society in a press release.

»We are so privileged that on the one hand we have a number of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the cancer cause and want to offer their labor and on the other hand we have a number of well-known Danes who want to donate their used clothes to the cancer cause. Of course, we want to get the most out of that setup, “says Ole Saatterup, head of the Danish Cancer Society’s Recycling.

Well-known Danes such as Szhirley, Aura, Nabiha, Laura Drasbæk, Lakserytteren, Victor Lander and Suspekt are among those who have already donated their used clothes.

The pop-up store will be located on Vester Voldgade in the heart of Copenhagen and all the profits from the store will go to the Danish Cancer Society’s efforts in research, patient support and prevention.

Kræftens Bekæmpelse already has 15 well-functioning second-hand shops in Denmark, but Copenhagen has so far not been on the map.

The store is open from Thursday 25 November until and including 23 December on weekdays from 10-17 and Saturdays from 11-14.

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