New Resident Evil Movie and Netflix Series Have Very Convenient Similarity

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and Resident Evil: The Series bear a very convenient and somewhat strange resemblance.

This text contains some spoilers for both the feature film and the series. So don’t read on if you haven’t watched it yet.

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At the end of Resident Evil’s first season, before he dies, Albert Wesker gives his daughters a note with the name of someone he wants them to meet.

This note contains the name of Ada Wong, a well-known character from the games. So it’s a clear way to pave the way for her to appear in a second season.

What’s bizarre is that Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City had a very, very similar idea. In the end, Albert Wesker wakes up after everyone believes he is dead.

A person talks to him from the shadows, and it’s revealed to be none other than… Ada Wong. As with the series, it was also a way of indicating that the character would have a prominent role in the sequel.

very unusual resemblance

It’s a somewhat unusual similarity, as the two productions are from completely different creative teams.

There is no connection between them. It’s like they’re from different universes. And yet, this great coincidence happened.

Interestingly, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and Resident Evil: The Series could also face the same fate.

The feature film had a bad reception with the public and failed at the box office, which meant that all plans for a sequel were scrapped.

In parallel to this, Resident Evil: The Series also failed to win over the public and received an even more negative reception.

This casts doubt on whether the series can actually get a second season. So far, Netflix has yet to officially decide anything.

Resident Evil: The Series is available on Netflix.

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