New Releases of the Week (November 21-27) on Netflix

Netflix has released the list of releases for the week of November 21-27, 2022 and there is a lot of news coming to the streaming platform.

The biggest highlights are Wandinha, a series by Batman director Tim Burton, and the third season of Sangue e Água.

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That said, without further ado, check out everything that comes to the Netflix on the week of November 21st to 27th – at least what has been released so far, as more things will debut, but have not yet been given a date.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark – Chapter 3 (11/21/2022)

It’s time to make wishes! Will the ponies be able to celebrate Christmas traditions and still make it back in time to exchange gifts?

StoryBots: Answer Time – Season 1 (11/21/2022)

In this educational children’s series, a group of Bots that live in the world behind the screens look for answers to the questions of children and celebrities.

Animal Mysteries (11/21/2022)

Special Agents Sam and Kit travel the world to investigate scientific facts and solve mysteries of the animal world using cool gadgets.

Enigmas of the Universe (11/22/2022)

This stunning documentary series tells the incredible history of the universe over billions of years and its direct relationship to life on Earth.

Trevor Noah: Will Face It? (11/22/2022)

Emmy®-winning comedian Trevor Noah jokes about learning German, badmouthing the dead, horror movies, ordering Indian food in Scotland and more.

Wandinha (11/23/2022)

Smart, sarcastic and half dead inside, Wandinha Addams investigates a wave of murders and makes new friends and enemies at Escola Nunca Mais.

The Swimmers (11/23/2022)

Filled with courage, two young sisters leave war-torn Syria and embark on a risky journey towards the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Good Boy (11/23/2022)

Chema has a mission: to conquer Claudia, the school’s new girl, and lose her virginity. Can he make that dream come true before graduation?

Lesson Plan (11/23/2022)

An ex-cop goes to work at a high school to investigate the gang he believes is responsible for his best friend’s death.

Song to Not Cry: Arelys Henao (11/23/2022)

Set to the sound of popular Colombian music, this drama inspired by the life of Arelys Henao brings the young singer fighting against everything and everyone to follow her musical career.

Our Christmas at the Farm (11/23/2022)

After inheriting a farm, a widowed father tries to adjust to life in the countryside. His children, meanwhile, hatch a plan to stay there forever.

Sex, Blood & Royalty (11/23/2022)

This series delves into the lives of history’s most dangerous, sensual and iconic monarchs, revisiting all the dramas and scandals of the British monarchy.

On the Taco Route: Volume 3 (11/23/2022)

Tacos are surrounded by long, delicious and unknown stories. Immerse yourself in this mouth-watering food adventure.

Noel’s Diary (11/24/2022)

A writer goes to spend Christmas at the house where he grew up and ends up crossing paths with a woman in search of her biological mother.

First Love (11/24/2022)

Young, free and in love. As teenagers, they live without worries. But in adult life, it seems that something important has been lost.

Eike: All or Nothing (11/24/2022)

This dramatization shows the intense life of Eike Batista during the founding of the oil company OGX and the meteoric rise and fall of his empire.

Blood and Water: Season 3 (11/25/2022)

It’s a new school year at Parkhurst College. Puleng and Fiks search for a missing loved one, but their perseverance could put them in danger.

Ghislaine Maxwell: Power and Perversion (11/25/2022)

This documentary chronicles the survivors’ stories and the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, socialite and accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Lost Patient (11/25/2022)

A young man wakes up from a coma with no memory of the night his entire family was murdered. To try to find out what happened, he will enlist the help of a psychologist.

The Best of Korea (11/25/2022)

In this competition, celebrities visit Korean traditional culture masters to try out different works and try to win the title of The Best.

What Happened to the Dolphin King? (11/25/2022)

This documentary chronicles the career of Spaniard José Luis Barbero, a renowned dolphin trainer who tragically died in 2015.

Protection and Order: The Bihar Chapter – Season 1 (11/25/2022)

Determined to capture a ruthless criminal, a police officer plunges into a corrupt underworld and becomes embroiled in a deadly pursuit.

Thomas and Friends: The Vista Mountain Mystery (11/25/2022)

Thomas and Percy are startled by a suspicious noise and set out on an adventure to discover the secrets of the Vista Mountain mine.

Maternity (11/26/2022)

A woman becomes pregnant at the height of her career. After the baby is born, she goes to a postpartum care center where she faces judgment and makes friends.

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