New pop bullshit? Anitta and Luísa Sonza live the atmosphere backstage at the Latin Grammy Awards. Know details!

Anitta and Luísa Sonza seem to be experiencing a moment of tension in their friendship, which has already yielded great hits for pop, such as “Modo Turbo” and “Combatchy”. According to the column Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the two were together at a Latin Grammy after party, last Thursday (17), but did not greet each other.

According to the publication, Anitta circulated in the same place as Luísa throughout the night, but they did not stop to talk. Luísa, who postponed the debut of a tour after accusations of racism, would be sad about the situation and does not understand how things ended up this way. Still according to the column, mutual friends also do not know what happened between the two.


The departure of Anitta and Luísa is something that both fans have noticed for months; the situation generated a rivalry between the fandoms, which live in constant attacks on the networks. According to the newspaper Extra, in an article published in August, the quarrels between the popstars may be related to Sonza’s desire to make an international career.

Anitta, who reached the global top of Spotify in 2022, introduced international artists and producers to Luísa, but “nothing went very far”, according to the newspaper. “Anitta has said more than once, openly, that she likes to bring people together, to present. But many times she feels obligated to do something that is expected and not even up to her to do. And then they end up thinking she didn’t do enough“, said a source of the publication.

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