New pictures of “Indiana Jones 5” with Harrison Ford point to a hated plot element

“Indiana Jones 5” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of the cinema year 2023. Harrison Ford’s Indy is in top form in new pictures.

Indiana Jones is the childhood hero of many generations of movie fans. You grew up on the archaeologist’s breakneck adventures; and unlike some other iconic characters like James Bond, Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr., as his full name is, was never played by anyone other than Harrison Ford – at least not in the adult incarnation. No wonder, then, that this character will always be associated with Ford.

More than 40 years have passed since the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ford is now a sprightly 80 years old. At the D23 Expo in Anaheim, USA, Ford confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 will be the truly last time he puts on Indy’s hat and takes on bad boys and girls and the forces of darkness. He didn’t want to “fall down for you again,” emphasized the old star, visibly moved on stage.

A first image showing the researcher in familiar surroundings has already been unveiled. Now there’s another picture showing Indiana Jones in his iconic outfit and hat aboard a ship (via Empire):

“Indiana Jones is back! ‘It’s full of adventure, humor and real emotion,’ says Harrison Ford.”

The official Indiana Jones Twitter account shared the cover of the next issue of Empire:

Above all, the drawing that Indy shows in New York in front of the Empire State Building once again points to a spectacular adventure. As is already known, the fifth film deals with the first manned space mission Apollo 11 with a landing on the moon. A grand parade was held in New York on August 13, 1969 to celebrate the successful mission with Neil Armstrong’s well-known quote “One small step for me, one giant leap for mankind”. This parade was recreated in Glasgow, Scotland.

After Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, fans fear nothing more than the incorporation of more sci-fi elements into the iconic series. Time travel was rumored to be part of the storyline, corroborated by set photos that included Roman legionnaires as well as Indy’s archenemies, the Nazis. As for how this ties into the Apollo 11 mission, the big question here is: have the astronauts found extraterrestrial technology on the moon that allows time travel?

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in one interview is said to have at least assured Ford that there will be no extraterrestrials this time. However, he has not explicitly denied that there will be no extraterrestrial technology or time travel. However, that promise comes from an interview in 2010. Since then, Steven Spielberg has stepped down as director and new director James Mangold (“Le Mans 66”) has penned a completely new script. Who knows what all that entails? We have more information about the film in Video for you.

Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford is happy with the film

The latest rumors about allegedly disastrous test screenings with multiple endings and an angry Disney boss who is said to have demanded extensive reshoots have been hotly debated in fan circles. Does Ford’s farewell turn into a fiasco? The actor can calm down in conversation with Empire:

“It’s full of adventure, full of humor, full of real emotion. And it’s complex and sophisticated. Filming was hard, long and tedious. But I’m very happy with the film we have.”

The fact that he threw himself into filming despite his old age has to do with the fact that it was important to him to have a film “in which Indiana Jones is at the end of his journey,” says Ford. And that’s exactly what it is The premise for Mangold was to show an old hero in the last phase of life. According to the filmmaker, that wasn’t even an issue when he came on board, hence the decision to start from scratch.

That, in turn, should inspire confidence. After all, Indy is a human, not a Marvel character. He can’t just walk through a multiverse and come back in another incarnation as if nothing happened. That’s the refreshing and grounding element of the series: it (should) have an end.

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