New Netflix movie is called 50 Shades of Gray with mystery

Indecent, Netflix’s newest erotic thriller, can already be called “50 Shades of Gray with mystery”. That’s what a review from Glamor magazine claims, which points out the main qualities (and defects) of Alyssa Milano’s film. Indecente arrived in the platform’s catalog on January 13, and has everything to appear in the Top 10 of streaming.

“Mystery writer Grace Miller is famous for her instinct to solve crimes – and it will take all that talent to investigate her sister’s murder,” reads the synopsis of Indecent on Netflix.

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In addition to Alyssa Milano, the cast of 50 Shades of Gray includes Sam Page, Malachi Weir, Emilie Ullerup, Colleen Wheeler and David Lewis.

The film is based on one of the books by Nora Roberts, one of the most famous mystery writers of our time.

What did critics think of Indecent on Netflix?

“Indecent is more like 50 Shades of Beige,” says the review from Variety.

The website’s less than animated reaction seems to live up to the consensus among the specialized critics: Indecent is far from being a good movie.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the internet’s largest movie review aggregator, Indecent only secured a 14% approval rating, based on 7 different reviews.

“You don’t have to be a detective to figure out that Indecent is a bad movie,” says Flickering Myth.

The main problem with the film seems to be the adaptation of the book by Nora Roberts, whose plot works very well on the pages, but fails to convey the atmosphere of mystery to the screens.

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“The adaptation is pretty silly. The obviousness of certain elements is so great that it ends up provoking laughter instead of strong emotions. But Monika Mitchell’s film also offers ‘so bad it’s good’ entertainment.

Comparisons with 50 Shades of Gray happen due to the erotic theme of the film – which turns the world of sadomasochism into the scene of a great mystery.

In Indecent, protagonist Grace Miller uses her mystery writing skills to unravel the murder of her sister, Kathleen.

After divorcing her husband, Kathleen starts working as a virtual dominatrix, but ends up being the victim of one of the ‘fans’, who kills her during a live broadcast.

The story gets even more complicated when other women involved in the world of BDSM begin to be pursued by the same killer.

Suspects include Grace’s ex-boyfriend, two of the writer’s students, a school janitor and others affiliated with the website Kathleen worked on.

We won’t give away spoilers, but anyone who’s checked out the plot of Indecent knows that it’s possible to discover the identity of the killer at the beginning of the film.

The obviousness of the plot, in fact, was one of the aspects most criticized by the specialized critic.

To find out who Indecent’s killer is, just watch the movie on Netflix. See the trailer below.

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