New movie with Ben Affleck pleases Prime Video subscribers

Amazon Prime Video has exclusively launched in Brazil the movie Bar Doce Lar (The Tender Bar). Coming out on January 7, the film with Ben Affleck has already appeared in the top 10 of the service.

Despite dividing the critics, the drama, with touches of comedy, pleases the audience. The film follows the story of JR, an intelligent boy raised by his mother in his grandparents’ house – with Ben Affleck’s Uncle Charlie as the father figure.

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At Rotten Tomatoes, the experts’ grade for Bar Doce Lar is 52%. Meanwhile, viewers give 72% for the movie that’s on Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to Ben Affleck, this growth story has an interesting cast. Learn more about Bar Doce Lar (The Tender Bar) below.

More about Bar Doce Lar (The Tender Bar) at Amazon Prime Video

Bar Doce Lar (The Tender Bar) is based on the memoir by JR Moehringer. The film, which is directed by George Clooney, is divided into two phases of the author’s life.

First, the child JR goes to live at the grandparents’ house after the mother runs out of money. With Uncle Charlie giving him life lessons, the boy decides to become a writer.

As a young man, JR tries to fulfill his mother’s dream by entering Yale University. To achieve his goals, the future writer needs to overcome two dramas: his father’s abandonment and a complicated love affair.

In addition to Ben Affleck, the cast has Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd as the patriarch of this family. Tye Sheridan is the adult JR, while Lily Rabe is the writer’s mother.

The highlight of the cast is little Daniel Ranieri, who plays JR as a child. It’s his first work as an actor.

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Bar Doce Lar (The Tender Bar) is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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