New measures taken this Friday during the new Consultation Committee? “Make sure that Belgium holds up”

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The figures for the coronavirus epidemic are again in a worrying situation. We are back to levels that we had more reached for several months, with even a sad record for the year on Monday with more than 15,000 contaminations per day. Hospitals are not left out either, since admissions are more and more numerous.

Between 6 and 12 November, 207 daily hospital admissions of coronavirus patients were also recorded, an increase of 21% compared to the previous reference period. On Wednesday alone, there were 287 hospitalizations, followed by another 224 and 173 more Thursday and Friday.

At the moment, 2,391 patients are treated in hospital (+ 24%), including 487 (+ 27%) in intensive care. More seen figures since, respectively, the beginning and the end of May. The milestone of 500 people in intensive care in connection with the Covid should be crossed at the end of this weekend.

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What measures?

The question therefore arises: what will the government decide this Friday during its new consultation committee? It is difficult to say with certainty that measures will be taken since opinions differ, between the cautious and the most alarmist. Still, for some, new measures will have to be taken to stop the new rise of the virus.

On the set of “It’s not every day on Sunday”, the expert and member of GEMS (Group of Experts on crisis strategy), Geert Molenberghs, notably mentioned the cancellation of the Christmas markets. “It’s very difficult to maintain. People go there, they return home, in full buses and trams… ”he explained. An opinion not shared by the Minister of the Economy and Labor. “We’re not there yet. I will not anticipate the decisions that will be taken during the consultation committee, ”retorted Pierre-Yves Dermagne.

According to the latter, Codeco will focus above all on checks on departure and return from vacation. On this issue, there should be provision for tougher rules.

But other topics could also land on the meeting table, such as indoor sports activities. “The practice of sport is important for health and well-being. It must remain a priority element. The question of supervision arises. With or without an audience? “, Evokes Pierre-Yves Demargne.

For Geert Molenberghs, we should also recall the importance of social bubbles. “People need to realize that home contact can be dangerous from a transmission standpoint. “

A CST +?

But one of the measures that will undoubtedly be debated on Friday is that of the Covid Safe Ticket for major events. “The CST (Covid Safe Ticket) doesn’t work. We need other measures. Like ventilation and mask. Very high risk activities such as nightclubs; Either they must close for a while or we add a test on it, ”insists Geert Molenberghs, joined by Pierre-Yves Dermagne who confirms that the question will be analyzed on Friday.

The Minister of the Economy and Labor recalled that if the Consultative Committee were to take new measures this Friday, it will be to “ensure that our health care system holds up. Make sure that our teaching holds up and that our economy continues to turn ”.

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