New love: Fernando Alonso shows up with his girlfriend

Who is the woman on Fernando Alonso’s (40) side? The two-time Formula 1 world champion keeps his privacy very private – especially his love life. But a few days ago, the racing driver surprisingly posted a picture together with the Austrian presenter Andrea Schlager (39). So far, the two have not confirmed their relationship, but these pictures say more than a thousand words: New paparazzi shots show Fernando and Andrea together on Miami Beach.

Paparazzi caught the Formula 1 driver and news anchor spending time together at the seaside on Wednesday. In one of the shots, the 40-year-old hands his sweetheart her T-shirt so that she doesn’t just have to go home in her pink bikini. Afterwards, the pair stroll the sand in casual attire and sunglasses while apparently deep in conversation. The world champion does not drive home by car, as he had originally planned, but instead tours Miami comfortably on his bike with Andrea.

But there are even clearer pictures! Last Sunday, the two made their first public appearance at the Formula 1 race in Miami. Although Fernando only made it to rank 11, he could be happy about something else: Hand in hand, he strolled across the grounds with Andrea. The brunette was there for professional reasons because she reported on the race for an Austrian broadcaster.

Fernando Alonso and Andrea Schlager in May 2022
Fernando Alonso with his girlfriend Andrea Schlager in May 2022
Fernando Alonso with his girlfriend Andrea Schlager

Action Press / Bratic, Hasan

Fernando Alonso with his girlfriend Andrea Schlager

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