New in streaming! Do you want to marathon hit realities + exclusive shows? we have spoilers

Are you a fan of reality shows or do you prefer nature documentaries? Do you want content to thrill or to get laughs? Regardless of your answer, discovery+ is the solution for your leisure time from now on.

Dedicated to real life content, the streaming platform arrived in Brazil with exclusive titles and more than 25 thousand episodes that are hits by the public in various segments such as Kids, Family, Home and Decoration, Food, Survival and Adventure, Relationships, Crime, Paranormal and Mystery, Health and Lifestyle, high quality documentaries, as well as Nature and Animals, Science and Technology and Engines.

Spoiler alert! Some attractions that are a fever among viewers are available exclusively there and the Purepeople tells you in detail below.



Produced since 2013 and hit around the world, the reality show “Largados e Pelados” won a Brazilian version! In the program, a man and a woman who are strangers to each other must break through an inhospitable spot on the globe – the way they came into the world, without food and without water.

In the new discovery+ attraction, ten Brazilians, in 5 pairs, will need to spend 21 days in Colombia and test their limits. Quite an adventure, don’t you think?

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