New HR Rules Change: If the employee did ‘disturb’ on a holiday, he would have to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh, know where the rule is applicable?

New HR Rules: It is the desire of every working person that the employees of the company should not disturb him on the day of holiday and he should celebrate this time with his family.

But it is generally seen that many times even on off days the employees are called and harassed for one or the other work. In such a situation, the privacy of the employee ends. To eliminate this kind of problem, a big company fantasy sports platform Dream11 has made a special rule. After this, you will not be able to call Dream 11 employees for office work on holidays.

1 lakh fine will have to be paid for ‘disturb’ on a holiday

According to media reports, Dream 11 has implemented a new policy called Unplugged Policy. According to this policy, if an employee is disturbed by co-employees of the company on a holiday, then the harasser will have to pay a fine of $ 1,200 i.e. around Rs 1 lakh. Along with this, the company gives compulsory leave of 7 days in a year to all its employees. It is mandatory for all employees to take it. This will give all the employees a chance to refresh.

The founder of the company said this

Dream11 co-founders Bhavit Seth and Harsh Jain said that the company has implemented this new rule keeping in mind the privacy of the employees. Along with this, the aim of the company through this rule is that we should not be dependent on any one employee. All employees will be sent on compulsory leave for 7 days in a year. During this time, if a co-employee calls him an employee, then he will have to pay a fine of $ 1,200 i.e. about Rs 1 lakh.

Employees are liking the new rules

The new unplug policy of Dream 11 is very much liked by the employees of the company. According to the employees, the compulsory leave of 7 days will refresh their mind and they will be able to work for their company with new energy. Along with this, they will get to spend time with their family and friends without any tension on the holiday.

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