New horror highlight? That’s what horror master Stephen King thinks about “The Black Phone”

“The Black Phone” starts in cinemas tomorrow and could be the next horror highlight.

Horror master Stephen King has written countless novels and short stories in his career, which have been made into films again and again. His son Joseph Hillström King has followed in his footsteps and also writes books under the pseudonym Joe Hill. Some of his novels, such as “Horns” have also been filmed. With the horror movie “The Black Phone” the next adaptation of one of his stories awaits us from June 23, 2022.

Stephen King is at least already enthusiastic about the film adaptation and has it with his classic “Stand By Me – The Secret of a Summer” compared. Director Scott Derrickson (“Sinister”) said so in an interview /Movie reveal:

“I know author Joe Hill showed it to his father. And Stephen King’s comment… He saw it and obviously liked it. And his remark to Joe was, ‘It’s Stand By Me in Hell‘” which I thought was great.”

You can find out which horror films you can look forward to besides “The Black Phone” in the video:

There is already an idea for a sequel to “The Black Phone”.

The Black Phone follows teenage Finney (Mason Thames) who is kidnapped by a serial killer (Ethan Hawke) in 1970s Colorado and tries to escape with the help of the spirits of the previous victims. Opposite to Derrickson explained that he wanted to break away from suburban nostalgia with the film:

“I consciously tried not to go through the whole thing [Steven] Reinterpreting Spielberg’s representation of suburban life. I think Stranger Things does a great job with that. I think that’s really great. And I love ‘Stranger Things’ a lot. I think a lot of movies reference that Spielberg influence. I wanted to do something completely different. I didn’t want to look back on those years of my life with nostalgia. I didn’t want to look back at her through the filter of other films. I really tried to look back at the violence and danger and what it was like for me to grow up in North Denver in 1978 in a relatively violent neighborhood where people were constantly fighting and bleeding.”

A sequel to the horror film is already being planned. Joe Hill has already suggested to the director an idea for a sequel that could come if the film can inspire viewers.

Serial killers are a staple of the horror genre. Can you match them to the movies?

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