New government strategy: How he wants to fight the covid

The current cabinet is resigned by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (67, YES) is considering introducing a mandatory application of serum for the elderly. But the future one does not want to go in this direction. “Mandatory vaccination is not the answer. This means an even greater division of society. It is a sign of a system failure, “Válek said yesterday provided that the state should comply with compulsory vaccinations from professional organizations, such as doctors.

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If someone is vaccinated and more than half a year has passed since the second dose without a booster dose, they should be tested by PCR according to Válka, but if they come into risky contact. And the five-party coalition also wants to shorten the period to 5 months, after which it will be possible to receive a third injection. Future Prime Minister Fiala said that vaccination was the only way to manage covid. According to him, people must learn to live with covid. That’s the name of a four-page pandemic plan.

“We have to learn it as a company and as a state,” said the head of the ODS, adding that his project has prepared three levels of measures, which he wants to enforce immediately after his appointment. He wants to introduce the first (immediate) one in December, the second (medium-term) by the end of the first quarter of 2022 and the third (long-term) in the years 2022 to 2023.

Selection of the most important measures:

  • regular and predictable communication of the state apparatus
  • effective campaign and fight against misinformation
  • recognition of antibodies
  • vaccination as a basic tool for managing the epidemic, especially for at-risk groups, an exception for contraindications
  • maintain the OTN system (vaccination, test, disease) with validation of PCR tests for 3 days
  • 4R compliance – spacing, veils, hands and reason
  • comprehensive testing in schools and companies
  • enforcement of existing measures by police, sanitation and service providers
  • respirators everywhere indoors – exception only for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the classrooms
  • improving awareness of pre-hospital care for both general practitioners and the general public
  • economic support for people in isolation and quarantine
  • targeted and rapid compensation for entrepreneurs, affected companies and the cultural field

Schools in operation! Longer holidays?

According to the future cabinet, the children are the group that carries the pandemic the most. “We will not close schools across the board and we will apply this principle throughout our future rule,” said Petr Fiala, adding that no one even wants online teaching. According to the candidate for the head of the Ministry of Health, the Christmas holidays should be extended by one week.

Fiala (ODS): Everybody get vaccinated. We must address the most risky unvaccinated

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Local measures

In their plan, the leaders of the ODS, the People’s Party, TOP 09, Pirates and Mayors also call on the people to comply with anti-epidemic measures. The future government also wants to have it announced locally on the basis of regional conditions, namely by regional hygienists. “If there is an outbreak in a certain district or region, the numbers will be evaluated by the regional hygiene as with any other disease,” said the future Minister of Health.

Kubek wants to tighten up

The president of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK), Milan Kubek (53), would like politicians to stick to CLK proposals instead of presenting new perspectives on managing the epidemic. “We call on politicians to put in place, as soon as possible, nationwide measures to reduce people-to-people contacts, which are generally referred to as lockdowns,” Aha! with the proviso that he is ready to negotiate with the future Minister of War and to meet regularly.

More vaccine practitioners

According to the covid strategy presented yesterday, the future five-party coalition would want a widespread involvement of all general practitioners in vaccination. This vision is also welcomed by the chief practitioner Petr Šonka. “I agree with that. It’s something we strive for, “said Aha! with about two thirds of doctors currently involved in vaccination. Then Aha! he exclusively confirmed that he was infected despite both vaccinations.

Government meetings

The cabinet wants to take further action at a government meeting today. Prime Minister Babiš said that he did not want to reveal specific restrictions. However, he did not rule out a declaration of a state of emergency. The prime minister also called on people over the age of 60 to limit their contacts as much as possible due to the spread of covid and to be vaccinated with a booster dose of the vaccine.

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