New details of the resignation of Viviana Canosa are revealed

The sudden departure of Viviana Canosa from A24 caused great surprise in the media, so the repercussions were not long in coming. In addition to the strong rebound on social media, “The Run Run of the Show” of HD Chronicle reviewed the facts and added new information about what happened in the last few hours.

the program they lead Lio Pecoraro Y Ferdinand Piaggio showed tracking, in addition to explaining the state of mind of the driver after her abrupt resignation. Anyway, it was clarified that his departure from the signal is not yet closed, although I would already have new offers to change air.

Viviana Canosa speculated on the idea of ​​having suffered censorship, for which Grupo América issued a statement on its social networks. “Given the profuse dissemination of street videos taken by strangers with cell phones generating escraches with violence not only verbal but also physical to public officials, politicians and leaders in general and then uploaded to social networks, the company has made the decision not to broadcast the themselves”they explained.

Viviana Canosa resigned from A24.

For their part, the drivers of “The Run Run of the Show” had contact with one of the producers of Viviana Canosa and he commented that, although she is calm, the presenter feels great sadness. The pair of Pecoraro and Piaggio clarified that on Sunday there will be a meeting that could decide the future of the journalist in the aforementioned signal.

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