New details of the project led by Benjamín Vicuña and Laurita Fernández are revealed

Benjamin Vicuna Y Laura Fernandez They are more than popular people in the media, although their paths had still crossed. The arrival of a new show causes them to coincide in a cast which appears as a more than ambitious proposal.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chronicle, The premiere of “The Gronholm Method” at Paseo La Plaza is confirmed for next August 12. head Benjamin Vicuna Y Laura Fernandez in a curious poster at the same level, something that surprised at first. They complete the pair Raphael Ferro Y Julian Cabrera.

Behind the scenes, it will be in the direction Cyrus Zorzoli (“The truth”, in the Politeama) and is a production of Paul Compell. The work of Jordi Galceran he is in his third season in Madrid, and he even has his film that he directed Marcelo Pineyro in 2005 with Paul Echarri at that time.

the former of China Suarez and of pampita seems to want to stay in our country, no matter how much trouble there is. During 2022, she starred “The First of Us” on Telefe and her partner is the new host of “Welcome aboard” after the departure of Guido Kaczka at the beginning of the year.

Benjamín Vicuña and Laurita Fernández, together in the theater.

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