New details of the negotiation between China Suárez and Marcelo Tinelli

The China Suarez is one of the figures Marcelo Tinelli summoned for be part of the jury of your next program, “Sing with me now“. The actress asked for a millionaire figure to accept the proposal, almost as high as the one he charged Pampita.

The ex “Almost angels” he passed to the production of La Flia the number that he would like to win, and went on a romantic vacation to Mexico with her new boyfriend, Rusherking.While the ex of Benjamin Vicunade left her daughter Rufina with her father, Nicolas Cabre, and the two smallest, Magnolia and Amanciowith the Chilean, in Buenos Aires, Tinelli decides if he will agree to pay that high cachet.

Marcelo Tinelli wants China Suárez as a jury in “Sing with me now”.

According to reported the Pavada of Diario Crónica, China Suárez has not yet signed with Marcelo Tinelli for “Sing with me now”, though Negotiations continue with their proxies..

If the singer joins the reality show, she will join the jury with those who have already signed: Puma Rodríguez, Cristian Castro, Coti Sorokin, Cande Tinelli, Marcela Morelo and Fátima Flórez, among others.

I know the figure that China Suárez requested to participate in the new Tinelli program

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