New couple? Sérgio Marone responds to Maraisa’s sung and singer teases: ‘Empty DM’

Maraisa showed that she is a woman of attitude. The countrywoman, who disapproved of the reunion between her sister, Maiara, and ex Fernando Zor, recently sent a line to Sergio Marone, by Twitter. “Hi, my name is Maraisa. You come here often?“, he wrote in a photo of the artist. And then added: “I’m here traveling, right? I would never have chances with Sergio Marone“.

Moments later, Maraisa deleted the publication. But this Sunday (09) Marone showed that the Tweet was not in vain. “I saw what you wrote in the last tweet, oops!, deleted Maraisa. Never say never”, warned the presenter of SBT. “I deleted it because I thought you would never see it”, assumed the singer.

“Maraisa, camisa 10”, reacted Maisa, referring to the number used by the top scorers of the soccer teams. “My God, what a shame”, confessed Maiara’s sister. But despite the statement, the artist did not stop there. Using a Homer Simpson gif dressed as a bride, Maraisa snapped: “Dad if you want your daughter, your daughter is ready.” And provoked: “Guys just to let you know that my dm is still empty”, he said, referring to the private message box of social networks.

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