New complaint against Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi by a former employee: "They left her stranded in Paris"

Wanda Nara seems to face several scandals at once. After the leak of an audio in which he mentions that will begin divorce proceedings with Mauro Icardia second alleged employee appeared who would have experienced situations similar to those reported Carmen, the first woman who accused the model and her husband of ill-treatment.

Unlike the case of the Uruguayan domestic worker, it was the daughter of the complainant who decided to provide the information in an audio that would complicate the new member of “Who is the mask?”the program of Natalia Oreiro.

“She has been working for many years with an agency that is in charge of hiring this type of profiles for wealthy people”, the audio started. In addition, the girl added about the role and influence that she has Wanda Nara in the media: “She doesn’t want to damage so many years with the agency and Wanda is so media that she is afraid that it will harm her in getting new jobs“.

“Nothing like this ever happened to him. I always wanted to report and that’s why I send this audio, I do it to support Carmen. They send them far away and they have them working like this, it’s a shame”he added with noticeable anger in his voice.

Wanda Nara complicated.

In addition, he gave details of a situation very similar to the one experienced by the first woman who dared to target the businesswoman and the soccer player. “The one who rescued her from Paris was me, the daughter, I had to make a lot of sacrifices to bring her back. Wanda and Mauro left my mom stranded in Paris alone being 60 years old”he explained.

As if that weren’t enough, heto Wanda Nara’s mother Y Zaira Nara also appeared involved in the strong accusation that aired on “Intruders”: Nora is another person who has mistreated my mom. I myself have heard in a call how she mistreated her, my mother is a hypertensive person. If she had something happen to him in Paris, who would have been responsible?

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