New Bibi? Julian Claßen does Insta advertising with Tanja

Well, that went well. After Julian (29) and Bibi Claßen (29) separated in May, he confirmed his new relationship today. The YouTuber is now dating swimmer Tanja Makarić. The web video producer’s fans were blown away by the news. But only shortly after the announcement of the relationship was it with both Julian and Tanya back to business: They advertised an online clothing store, the same as before Bibi advertised

on Instagram Julian posted a video like him Tanya filmed surfing the internet. “She’s busy shopping for her summer dresses. I’ll link her account for you. Check it out and watch her story”, the father of two recommended to his 6.3 million followers. As a result, there were two more discount codes for his community. In Tanyas Instagramstory, she proved that she can definitely keep up with the influencers. Like a pro, she showed the clothes she wants to buy in the clothing store online and also offered her followers a discount code.

before himself Bibi withdrew from the public eye, she continued to advertise the same company a few times after the breakup. According to the picture However, the influencer is not accepting any cooperation or other jobs because she is not doing so well. An insider wants to know that the hustle and bustle surrounding the separation from Julian is quite difficult for the 29-year-old.

Julian Claßen and Tanja Makarić in July 2022

Instagram / tanjamakaric_

Julian Claßen and Tanja Makarić in July 2022
Julian Classen in July 2022

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