New auction of items from Valdemars Castle: ‘It’s very, very sad’

A lot of furniture, paintings, chandeliers, porcelain figures and other things have already been sold, and much will not return to Valdemars Castle.

But now Caroline Fleming’s family castle risks losing even more of its historic furnishings. A third auction will take place soon.

When the auctioneer lifts the hammer this time, it will be over a lot of historical and antique books from the castle’s library, the Bruun-Rasmussen auction house, which is again running the auction, tells BT

It is Caroline Fleming’s eldest son, Alexander Fleming, who is also this time the seller, as he owns the castle’s contents.

‘The Danish Atlas’ by Erik Pontoppidan.
Photo: Bruun Rasmussen

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The sale has come about after a major dispute over the castle between Caroline Fleming and her younger sister Louise Iuel Albinus, who had jointly taken over the castle after their father’s death in 2017.

But the two sisters could not agree on an accounting for the company behind the castle, which ended with the company being put into liquidation, and the castle, which has been in the family’s possession for 12 generations, put up for sale.

After several months, Louise Iuel Albinus succeeded in buying the castle, so she is now the sole owner of it.

However, Caroline Fleming and her son chose to collect the contents and put them up for sale at auction.

Louise Iuel Albinus (centre) had turned up in person to bid at the first auction. 

Louise Iuel Albinus (centre) had appeared in person to bid at the first auction.
Photo: Søren Bidstrup

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Louise Iuel Albinus has since tried to buy back some of the historical inventory, which led to her being present at the first auction at Bruun Rasmussen, where the largest and most precious items were sold. She also managed to buy back several of the items.

However, that is not going to happen this time. Because even though she thinks it’s tragic that the books are now being sold, she can’t afford to buy more back if she also has to afford to furnish the rest of the castle, she tells Funen County Newspaper.

“The collection has always been behind Plexiglas, so that no books fell off the shelf. But I remember, when I was little, sitting and watching my father as he sat and oiled them so that the leather was maintained. So I learned from a very early age that it was a book collection that meant a lot. I have that memory with me, of course, but it is very, very sad that the collection is now being sold,’ Louise Iuel Albinus tells the media.

A Bible by Martin Luther, printed by order of Christian IV.

A Bible by Martin Luther, printed by order of Christian IV.
Photo: Bruun Rasmussen

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It is 30 November that the first part of the books from the castle goes under the hammer. It will take place at Bruun-Rasmussen in Bredgade in Copenhagen.

Here you will be able to buy, among other things, ‘The Danish Atlas’ by Erik Pontoppidan. A work in seven parts from the middle of the 17th century, which is estimated at between 20,000 and 30,000 kroner.

You can also buy a Bible by Martin Luther, which was printed at the behest of Christian IV.

The book is estimated to be worth between DKK 40,000 and DKK 60,000.

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