New attacks on Trump (including Republicans) at the hearing of the commission on the assault on Capitol Hill: “He threw fuel on the fire”

“Everyone wanted a stop to the protests. Everybody except Trump“. So the Republican deputy Adam Kinzingermember of the commission of inquiry into the assault of January 6 a Capitol Hillin the public hearing that was held yesterday. Two hours and 45 minutes to explain and demonstrate with photos, videos and direct testimonies the involvement of the former president of the United States of America in fomenting the protests and the assault on the seat of the American Parliament.

The reconstruction that is being made is clear. In those 187 minutes of delirium – or since when Donald Trump left the stage from which he incited his parents to protest, until the moment he shared a post on Twitter asking his people to return home – during which a barbaric horde raided Capitol HillDonald Trump sat in front of the television and watched national live on Fox news – the American television channel that has always supported him during the years of his presidency – what was taking place in the seat of the US Legislative Assembly. Supporters of the tycoon thus contested the outcome of the elections that they sent to the White House in January 2020 Joe Biden and, according to the indictment, Trump supported these actions to the end.

From what emerges from this stream-based hearing, in fact, all the people closest to the former president have tried all the time to persuade him to turn to his supporters to ask him to back down. Even Ivanka – the favorite daughter- and the firstborn Eric they would have tried their hand at this work of persuasion. Nothing to do, the former president was adamant, indeed. Just as everyone was trying to convince him to openly take sides against the assault, Trump has upped the ante, defining “coward” on Twitter the vice president Mike Pence, guilty of having expressed the will to certify the vote that gave him the loser. With this move, Trump “Threw fuel on the fire”he “in fact gave the protesters permission to raise their tone,” he said Sarah Matthew, the former deputy spokesperson for the White House. “Trump was confident he could convince his supporters that he had won the election, that his vote had been stolen, he said. Liz Cheneyobserving how the former president has exploited the “patriotic sentiment” of his supporters who took to the streets to defend it by transforming it into a “weapon”.

The accusations made against Trump in this first public hearing of the commission of inquiry are heavy. Trump “chose not to act” on January 6, he has “Betrayed the Constitution”, “Did not defend the country” and “abdicated its obligations”. And in all of this, where was it Melania Trump, the wife of the former president? As the situation on Capitol Hill exploded and all of Trump’s most trusted advisors were trying to get him to intervene to end the assault, Melania was also in the White House, apparently. unaware of what was happening. “I didn’t know what was happening otherwise I would have condemned the violence,” he said the former First Lady to the microphones of Fox News, shortly before the hearing of the commission. “I was doing my duties as the wife of the president of the United States of America, cataloging White House articles for national archives.”

Furthermore, during the hearing, the commission presented a video dated January 7, that is the day after the attack and after the news of the existence of a concrete possibility of impeachment and an appeal to the 25th amendment which serves to outline the procedures for the dismissal of the president when he is recognized unable to fulfill the powers and duties of the office. In the video, Trump refuses to say that the elections were closed: “I can’t say! I say that Congress has certified the result ”. So Trump stuck with him right up to the end, even after he told him to “go home”. Finally, after two grueling hours of insistence, at 16.02 on that January 6 Donald Trump posted a relaxing video in which the demonstrators were asked to leave the rooms of Congress.

The hearing of the commission closed with words Liz Cheney the Republican deputy who sits on the committee and who had already radically opposed Trump in the past, also voting in favor of his impeachment twice. “The former president is indefensible“, He said at the conclusion of the hearing. The work of the commission of inquiry into the events of January 6 will resume a September, after the summer break, with new hearings.

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