New at Netflix: Huge sci-fi action spectacle that many viewers didn’t understand

The plot of director Christopher Nolan’s last film to date remains a great mystery to the audience, even after it has been viewed several times.


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Tenet follows an unnamed protagonist (John David Washington), a CIA agent who uses inversion to attempt to manipulate time. He wants to prevent what inevitably happened. This is how one could explain the very complex plot of Christopher Nolan’s science fiction work from the year 2020. Basically, it is about averting another world war, which would not take place between several world powers in the present, but between the present and the future. You see, even trying to break the story down to the simplest level, even that seems complicated. If you still feel like confronting the complexity of “Tenet”, you can from Tuesday, January 17, 2023, crack the tough nut on Netflix in the stream.

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Even the cast doesn’t quite understand “Tenet”.

Lead actor John David Washington admitted before the film came out that he often had to ask Nolan what exactly was happening in the plot during the shoot because he couldn’t really grasp the story during the shoot. “I had questions for him every day. But he was helpful and answered them calmly and patiently. It was important for the cast to get the story right so we could tell it as best we could,” Washington said in one Interview with ScreenRant. Also supporting actor and Nolan veteran Michael Caine reported ScreenRant, that he never had access to a full screenplay and that even after he had finished filming, he still didn’t know exactly what “Tenet” was about – let alone what the eponymous word meant. The only thing that was clear was that it was about international espionage and time manipulation.

How time manipulation works in Tenet

Instead of making characters jump from one point in time to another point in time and taking the viewer through time as well, In “Tenet” the entropy of a person or an object is reversed. This means nothing other than that they are moving backwards in time, but what has happened still happens. So there is the possibility for the protagonist to find the piece of the puzzle that can prevent the war. A piece of a bomb that has the power to reverse the entire flow of time and avert the climate crisis. To find these, the protagonist must reverse himself and the objects he wants to interact with.

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