New “Alien” film from horror specialist is progressing: she should be the main actress

The “Alien” universe is being expanded: 20th Century Studios is working together with horror specialist Fede Alvarez on a new and independent film.

The “Alien” universe is one of the most successful horror series in film history. Directed by Ridley Scott and featuring an incredible design by Swiss artist HR Giger, the foundation was laid in 1979’s Alien, followed by James Cameron in 1986’s action-packed Aliens today iconic elements such as the Alien Queen and the M314 Motion Tracker.

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In the years that followed, however, it was no longer possible to build on the success of the first two films – neither with leading actress Sigourney Weaver (“Alien 3”, “Alien – The Rebirth”) nor with original director Ridley Scott (“Prometheus – Dark Signs” , “Alien: Covenant”). Perhaps the average event movies Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator 2 have some of the blame. Perhaps Scott should have focused more on what makes the “Alien” films special and what the fans want to see in particular.

That’s exactly what filmmaker Neill Blomkamp intended with “Alien 5”. His film would have started right after “Aliens – The Return” and completely ignored the films after that. It was said that Blomkamp wanted to direct a film similar to Cameron’s; even Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn should have returned. However, the project was scrapped, allegedly at Scott’s urging.

But the filmmaker apparently had an understanding: How The Hollywood Reporters reported, the 84-year-old will be producing an all-new Alien movie with 20th Century Studios. However, he will not be directing, which will be done by horror specialist Fede Alvarez, who created two excellent genre films with “Evil Dead” and “Don’t Breathe” that captivated the audience and most recently worked on the screenplay of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. was.

Noisy deadline the director has now also found a favorite for the leading role: Cailee Spaeny. She starred in Pacific Rim 2: Uprising, Bad Times at the El Royale, and Mare of Easttown, among others. Spaeny seems to be making a comeback in Hollywood as she portrays Elvis Presley’s wife Priscilla in Sofia Coppola’s biopic of the same name and will star in Alex Garland’s new film Civil War. An “Alien” movie would certainly be right and the news should also reassure fans of the franchise, because the project is apparently still in the works and making progress.

Fede Alvarez proved again with “Don’t Breathe” that he can use the claustrophobic confinement to his advantage – the best prerequisite for an “alien” film in which there is no escape from the xenomorph. And it’s said that Alvarez’s film has no connection to the previous films in the horror series – but put the Xenomorph in the center of attention. The idea for this should also come from himself. Steve Asbell of 20th Century Studios described these as “a really good story with a bunch of characters you’ve never seen before“. Sounds really promising. And without the legacies of the youngest representatives, you can also be in a positive mood as a fan. For more news from film and television, check out our video.

What’s the status of the “Alien” TV series?

For “Alien” fans there will now be two reasons to be happy in the foreseeable future: In addition to the new film, showrunner Noah Hawley is currently working on an “Alien” series. And this is scheduled as a prequel before the events in “Alien”, more precisely the series plays 70 years before on earth (via esquire). And Hawley takes a different approach than the movies here:

“The ‘Alien’ stories are always closed. Locked up in a prison, locked up in a spaceship. I thought it would be interesting to expand it a bit so that the question, ‘What happens if you can’t contain it?’ somewhat more relevant.”

For the first time he wants to give a face to the people who pull the strings behind the big conglomerates, at whose behest the films always try to abuse the xenomorph for their own purposes.

We recall that in 1979’s “Alien” the Nostromo only superficially followed a distress signal to the planet LV-426. In fact, the primary goal of the client company, Weyland-Yutani, was to bring a Xenomorph with them to Earth. The only crew member who knew about this was the android Ash (Ian Holm). The fact that Weyland-Yutani had known of the existence of these beings for a long time is confirmed by the “Alien vs. Predator” films of all things.

The xenomorph isn’t the only spooky creature from the far reaches of the universe. Here are more that you certainly don’t want to encounter. Do you recognize the associated films? Test yourself:

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