new airports routes for pla to transport personnel to tibet xinjiang

New Delhi. To speed up the movement of its army (PLA) in the areas adjoining India, China is preparing to build 30 new airports. According to China’s official newspaper, 30 airports will be built to provide facilities to the Western Theater Command of the army in Xinjiang and Tibet areas adjoining India, so that there is no problem in the movement of soldiers.

The Western Theater Command is the largest military command of the Chinese Army. This command is responsible for the borders with India. Some airports have been built and are working in the border areas, while some are ready to be built soon. Three of these airports will be in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Another strategically important airport will be commissioned in 2022. This airport named Tashkurgan is in Xinjiang. This airport will be close to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Afghanistan. It is considered very important for China.

Slow progress in resolving border disputes
Earlier it was reported that for one and a half years, efforts are on to suggest the Line of Actual Control dispute between India and China on the ground. But its pace has been a bit slow. The biggest reason for this is that the Indian Army does not trust the Chinese Army. Because something happens at the negotiating table in China and then something else. Therefore, understanding every move of the dragon, India is taking every action very thoughtfully and only after confirming it on the ground.

India is withdrawing the army from LAC but very thoughtfully. According to government sources, China feels that if they withdrew their army back and India does not withdraw the army, then there may be problems for them. Whereas the world knows that India never takes a wrong look at other’s land and never lets its land go to other’s hands.

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