"never say Never": Does Sarafina Wollny want more children?

Will Sarafina Wollny’s (27) family soon get a little bigger? The TV star and her husband Peter, 29, were delighted to welcome their sons Emory, 1, and Casey, 1, to the world last year. Although the twins had a difficult start in life, they are developing splendidly and keep their parents on their toes. But can the two soon look forward to siblings or is family planning from sarafina and her loved one closed?

In a Instagramquestion and answer session, a curious fan wanted to know from the 27-year-old if she wanted more children. She did not leave that uncommented – but was vague. “Never say Never”, she replied, stressing that the duo was happy to have offspring at all. “We are just infinitely grateful that we can call ourselves mom and dad. We fought for six long years,” wrote sarafina. The full attention is currently on Emory and Casey – further babies are therefore not planned for the time being.

Also in conversation with celebrity flash the reality TV actress had already blurted out that further offspring planning is not the top priority. “More children aren’t an issue at first. We’re fully concentrating on the two of them and we’re just going to see what the future has in store for us.”she said in an interview.

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Peter and Sarafina Wollny, January 2022

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Sarafina Wollny in November 2021
TV fame Sarafina Wollny and Peter

Do you think Sarafina and Peter will have more children one day?

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