Never revealed before, images of Lady Diana just before her death have just been published!

It was August 31, 1997. A date that no one has forgotten and certainly not the British royal family. Indeed, that day, Lady Diana was the victim of a serious car accident under the Alma bridge in Paris and lost her life after a cardiac arrest. On August 31 and September 4, a documentary retracing his life will be released in theaters to “celebrate” the anniversary of his death.

Our colleagues from Current wife were able to discover the first minutes of the film in which the one who would have had a story with Tom Cruise appears, a few minutes before his death. A tragic accident for which Xavier Gourmelon, member of the emergency services, and one of the first on the scene of the tragedy, had testified in an interview granted to the Sun. “The car was a mess and we treated it like any other traffic accident. For me it was just a normal traffic accident, one of many that the emergency services have to face and it was the usual causes, speed and a drunk driver”he said at first.

A few minutes before the accident

The fireman had not realized right away that it was Lady Diana and assures that she had “no blood on her”. “I held her hand and told her to stay calm and not move, I said I was there to help her and I reassured her. She said, ‘My God, what happened?'”he specifies before explaining that Lady Di had a cardiac arrest a few minutes later… An event that fans of the Princess of Wales will be able to find on August 31 and September 4 at the cinema in the documentary The Princess.

From the first minutes of the film, a video shot by anonymous people will be broadcast according to our colleagues from Current wife. We will be able to discover them passing in front of the Ritz and launch: “On the right, something must be going on, people are looking good. There, it’s the Ritz. There’s someone important here”. After stopping in front of the hotel, the woman filming will see Lady Diana in a car, followed by a motorcycle. “Chasing Princess Diana”she will then launch before following her to the place where the princess will lose her life.

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