Never happened before in ‘The Lion’s Cave’: ‘He could have cheated us’

“You just have to wait a bit – we’re being interviewed,” Camilla Julie Skov Hansen remembers thinking when she was interrupted by Jacob Risgaard crying, who suddenly stuck her head out after rejecting her in ‘The Lion’s Cave’ .

For almost an hour and a half, she and partner Trine Damborg were grilled by the five lions as they sought an investment in their jewelry company Sorelle Jewelery.

It was still ‘a hobby project’, was the harsh verdict from Jan Lehrman, while both Mia Wagner and Jacob Risgaard missed a third person who, unlike the self-taught founders, was a trained designer, as well as a clear DNA and identity for the company.

Still, Camilla Julie Skov Hansen and Trine Damborg were long convinced that Mia Wagner would say yes, as she had shown interest in the jewelry.

Trine Damborg and Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.

Trine Damborg and Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.
Photo: Per Arnesen

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“It only dawns on us that the race has been run when Jesper Buch says: ‘You’ve got five no’s – you have to go now’ and almost throws us out,” laughs Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.

“It was mega annoying. We were in there for an hour and a quarter and were well spent when we finally got 60 seconds to convince the judges one last time. But there we just could not anymore. It was a huge disappointment and I started crying when we got out of the studio. “

But outside the room, Jacob Risgaard suddenly appeared.

‘I first think he’s coming out to say,’ That was damn thralls, huh ‘girls? Come on, ‘where I was like:’ You just have to wait a bit – we’re being interviewed ‘, «remembers Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.

But it turns out that Jacob Risgaard has regretted the smooth rejection and actually wants to offer Sorelle Jewelery 100,000 kroner for 10 percent of the company. He thus matches the two owners’ valuation of DKK 1 million.

Camilla Julie Skov Hansen and Trine Damborg together with their investor, Jacob Risgaard.

Camilla Julie Skov Hansen and Trine Damborg together with their investor, Jacob Risgaard.
Photo: Sisters Jewelery

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“One of the things we had dreamed of was to stand in there and have a negotiation, but he does not question our valuation at all. You are also in a vulnerable situation and are disappointed to have been rejected, so I had almost been willing to give the 10 percent away for free, “laughs Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.

She therefore thinks it is great of Jacob Risgaard that he does not take advantage of the two women’s vulnerability to run around corners with them. And that is precisely why she and Trine Damborg were happy that it was Jacob Risgaard who chose to follow them out of the studio.

“He could have cheated on us, but that tells a lot about him. He is so likeable and down to earth in the North Jutland way. He shows that you can do business well and at the same time be a good person, and I like that quality in him, “says Camilla Julie Skov Hansen and adds:

“He’s just mega nice. And he is, in fact, as he is on television. “

Jacob Risgaard himself is surprised that the clip was included in the broadcast.

“I did not think it would be shown, I break all the rules of the program,” he says, referring to the fact that the lions can not regret once they have said no to an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, that was exactly what he did – regretted:

»She (Camilla Julie Skov Hansen, ed.) Did it with flying colors, so that’s what I call a heart investment and I have not regretted it for a second. On the contrary, because she is even more amazing in reality, ”he says.

If you ask Camilla Julie Skov Hansen, she only regrets one thing about the duo’s participation in ‘The Lion’s Cave’.

“It still bothers me that we did not get the answer to Jan Lehrman’s comment that it was ‘a hobby project’. Because it’s cool with a hobby project that will have a turnover of 10 million in 2024. “

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