Neutrality at the service of Swiss security

By attacking Ukraine, Russia violates all fundamental rules of international law. In response, the decision of the Federal Council to resume international sanctions is to be welcomed: Switzerland has thus positioned itself on the side of international law. However, the decision has sometimes been misunderstood in our country and abroad: a total reversal of the policy of Swiss neutrality has been mentioned, or even an abandonment of it. Although the Federal Council struggles to make its policy understandable, it is nevertheless important that the population understand it. Admittedly, there is hardly a Swiss principle that enjoys such high support as neutrality, but its definition is subject to debate. On this issue, the Federal Council should very quickly present its policy based on current law and clarify the criteria that will guide it in the future. Concretely, Swiss neutrality must be oriented according to three points of reference: the law of neutrality, common values ​​and international law.

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