Netz celebrates Clemens despite losing the World Cup: "Germany is proud of you, Gabriel!"

In the semi-finals of the Darts World Cup, Gabriel Clemens lost 6-2 after sets against a very strong Michael Smith. The net celebrates the “German Giant” nonetheless.

Both players started strong right from the start.

Germany was GAGA again!

What would be your darts stage name?

The “German Giant” always stayed on the heels of the “Bully Boy”.

It’s easy to lose your temper at Oasis’ Wonderwall.

Gabriel Clemens has won the hearts of many German fans.

The fans were able to watch a gripping match over long stretches.

All of Germany is proud of you, Gabriel!

The “German Giant” was not responsible for a few spectacular evenings at Ally Pally.

Clemens resisted for a long time against an outstanding playing Michael Smith.

The colleagues from football also congratulate politely.

Was the ‘Bully Boy’ a size too big for Gaga?

The pride of the fans prevails even after the bitter failure.

The “Bully Boy” conjured up an incredible 102 average on the board.

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