Nethys: Integrale has appointed a liquidator

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This confirms information published in L-Post, L’Echo and la Libre Belgique. The man will have three months to submit a first report concerning the continuation of the disappearance procedure of this subsidiary of the Nethys group.

This meeting was convened during the month of December by the provisional administrators appointed last year by the National Bank of Belgium (BNB). Their mission was to find a buyer for the insurer, which needed to be recapitalized to meet European solvency requirements. An agreement was finally concluded with Monument Assurance Belgium (MAB) relating to the transfer of all the insurance portfolios of the Liège company and its staff.

At the meeting on Wednesday, none of these provisional administrators was present, however, their mission having ended on December 17, once the liquidation procedure had started. Renaud Witmeur, for the majority shareholder Nethys, chaired the meeting. He was surrounded by five directors of Integrale. Three out of the five shareholders were represented.

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At the end of the meeting, the Brussels lawyer Nicholas Ouchinsky was appointed as Integrale’s liquidator. “He will have to support trials that are not related to insurance issues, with former staff members, for example,” explains Michel De Wolf. “He will also be able to examine whether there are no causes of liability on the part of the former directors and the provisional directors, who would merit an action in liability. But there must be faults that have been committed and there must be a reasonable chance of obtaining redress. ”

The liquidator also has an obligation to periodically report. It is from the latter that bondholders, who feel cheated, will be able to obtain

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