Nethys in the Congo: Pierre Meyers and Marc Beyens searched

The homes of Pierre Meyers and Marc Beyens, two former managers of Nethys, were searched on Thursday as part of the complaint for abuse of corporate assets which had been filed in the fall of 2020 against three former managers of Nethys by Renaud Witmeur and Laurent Levaux, then the new managers of the subsidiary of the Liège intermunicipal company Enodia (ex-Publifin), announced L’Echo on Friday.

The complaint related to a project to build a power plant in North Kivu, Congo. In 2016, Marc Beyens and Pierre Meyers had set up with Stéphane Moreau, then CEO of Nethys, the company Electrique du Bassin d’Ivugha (EBI) to carry out the project, recalls L’Echo. Elicio, a subsidiary of Nethys, also took a share in the capital. Pierre Meyers then chaired the council of Nethys.

According to L’Echo, Pierre Meyers and Marc Beyens, intend in turn to file a complaint for slander and defamation. “We are relieved, Pierre and I, because this means that the legal machine is finally starting, that we will know the content of the complaint and be heard”, reacted Marc Beyens to the economic newspaper. “This will then allow us to file a complaint in our turn against Messrs. Witmeur and Levaux, for slander and defamation”.

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