Netflix’s revenge: they will make a comedy series about their worst rival

Revenge is a dish served cold and in Netflix they have it very clear. 20 years after being humiliated by one of the most important companies in the film industry (at least in terms of distribution), they will make a series in comedy format to make fun of them. The production will star Randall Park, who was recently seen in WandaVision.

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Netflix approved the production of Blockbuster, a ten-episode comedy centered on one of the businesses that treated them worst in the beginning. Legend has it that the creators of the platform wanted to sell the project to the company in 2000 for about $ 50 million but were rejected. Today the most famous video store in history has a single branch that functions as a museum and Netflix it is valued at $ 300 billion.

The comedy will be commanded by Vanessa Ramos, who originally created it for NBC. The showrunner has experience in fictions like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and will work alongside David caspe and Jackie Clarke. The decision to have Randall Park as the protagonist was one of those who helped convince the managers of Netflix to purchase the product.

Blockbuster It will focus on the brand’s last video store (which officially ceased operations in 2014). It was defined as a choral comedy that will show the work environment and the different employees of the firm. Netflix He also acquired the image and brand rights of the company, so they will be able to use both the official name and the costumes in this fiction.

Netflix and a record in the stock market

In the last ten years, Netflix it did everything to establish itself as the main offer when it comes to thinking about online content. The streaming Today it has many competitors but the company created by Reed Hastings not wobble yet. In fact, it was confirmed two days ago that it hit a mark on the stock market that only Disney had achieved: it was valued at $ 300 billion and displaced the company from Mickey Mouse as the most expensive in the world.

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