Netflix’s New Thriller Has Everything to Shock Viewers

If you like suspenseful films, unpredictable stories and sweeping endings, The Wrath of God is a perfect suggestion to watch in the Netflix. Newly arrived in the Brazilian catalog of the platform, the Argentine film promises to leave viewers shocked with a plot full of twists.

Created by Sebastián Schindel, The Wrath of God has a screenplay by Pablo del Teso. The film is an adaptation of “The Book of Murder”, by writer Guillermo Martínez.

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On IMDB, the film has a rating of 5.8 (out of 10). In other words, the feature has been dividing the opinion of the public and specialized critics.

The Cinema Observatory explains below everything you need to know about the plot and cast of The Wrath of God on Netflix; check out.

Discover the plot of The Wrath of God on Netflix

Due to its mysterious theme and full of twists, the mood of the film The Wrath of God is compared to that of other hits on Netflix, such as the Latin series Coração Marcado and Quem Matou Sara?.

“Convinced that a famous writer is behind the tragic losses she suffered, Luciana enlists the help of a journalist to reveal the truth,” reads the official synopsis of The Wrath of God on Netflix.

As the synopsis indicates, The Wrath of God follows the story of Luciana, a woman who suffers from the mysterious deaths of her relatives.

When several family members and acquaintances begin to die in a bizarre sequence, Luciana begins to investigate a web of lies, conspiracies and secrets.

Apparently, the person responsible for the crimes is Luciana’s former boss, a famous and influential writer.

However, when asking for help from an intrepid journalist, the protagonist discovers that the mystery can be much more expressive (and complex) than she imagined.

The Wrath of God is set in a scenario where everyone is a suspect – following the example of other Netflix hits such as the Trust Me series.

All About The Wrath Of God Cast On Netflix

The cast of A Ira de Deus is led by Argentine actress and model Macarena Achaga in the role of the protagonist Luciana.

Macarena is best known for performances in Latin soap operas such as Amar a Morte, Juliantina and A Bela e as Feras.

Diego Peretti – from series such as A Reconstrução, Tempo de Valentes and Em Terapia – plays Kloster, Luciana’s ex-boss.

Juan Minujín, from the film Two Popes, completes the main cast of The Wrath of God as Esteban Rey, the journalist who decides to help Luciana in her investigation.

The cast of the mystery film also includes Mónica Antonópulos, Guillermo Arengo, Romina Pinto, Pedro Merlo, Santiago Achaga, Ornella D’elia and Juanita Reale.

The Wrath of God is now available on Netflix. See the trailer for the movie below.

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